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"An editor becomes kind of your mother. You expect love and encouragement from an editor."

Jackie Kennedy

What is editing?

Get assistance with:

  • Copy editing – checking grammar, spelling, inconsistencies, capitalisation and other issues

  • Structural editing – rearranging the structure, suggestions for adding or deleting sections or text (in consultation)

  • After the editing process is complete and you have had the text designed and typeset, you can move on to the proofreading stage – checking that the layout is correct.​


To get a quote, please provide the following:

  • What work has been done on the project

  • What kind of editing you require

  • A sample of the work with an idea of the length of the text

  • Suggested budget

  • Deadline.


Preferred clients are:

  • experienced and professional writers

  • writers who need a manuscript assessed for rewriting/editing

  • writers of short fiction/screenplays

  • memoirists with a manuscript no longer than 100,000 words

Unfortunately, I am unable to take on student work/thesis projects at the moment.

Find my listing in the Institute of Professional Editors.

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