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"Your manuscript is both good and original; but the part that is good is

not original, and the part that is original

is not good."

Samuel Johnson

Do you need a manuscript assessment?

You've written something that is not quite ready to pass to a publisher and you'd like to get some advice about how it's going. You have concerns about the story, is it believable, are the characters believable, does it have good pace and suspense, does it have a good ending?


Get a detailed report on relevant aspects of your writing project including:

  • point of view

  • narrative voice

  • dialogue

  • characterisation

  • plot development

  • spelling and grammar (not in detail as this is done at editing stage)

  • general structure.


Get suggestions on how you can improve your writing. You will also receive ideas for marketing your work (acceptance by a publisher is not guaranteed).


See more details.


Snapshot assessments

These are quick manuscript assessments for writers who need a rapid response at a budget price. Cost is $350 per assessment. Send a 10,000-word sample, with a one-page full outline of the work. Within one week, you will receive a one-page review with suggestions on how to improve the work.



Please note that a manuscript assessment is not an edit. We will not provide a line-by-line copy edit of the text. See the editing page for more information about editing. Your work will need to be edited at the next stage.

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