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Welcome to RB Publishing

New home for chatting about editing, publishing, manuscript assessment and all things bookish.

You previously signed up to my blog called Imagine, Write, Create which resides on my author website. This still exists and I'm still writing - the blog just has a new home.

RB Publishing provides editing, proofreading and manuscript assessment services to people who are writing, self-publishing, looking for a traditional publisher, pitching to publishers, or want feedback on any aspect of their work.

Posts will be about topics that interest you - people who like books, writing, editing and all things publishing.

It's all about you!

I am accepting queries and can provide quotes on editing short or long pieces of work, short fiction/short stories, and scripts. I can provide an assessment of your manuscript with feedback on structure, plot, writing style etc, or feedback on non-fiction work.

I generally don't take on thesis editing but you never know - if it fits my schedule and topic, I might consider this work too.

Here's a bit more about what to expect in a manuscript assessment, the editing process and how much it will cost. You can contact me directly to discuss any aspects of your work.

If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up to receive infrequent posts. You'll get information rocketed directly to your inbox!


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